The Lails’ Story

When local photographer Auray Lail was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1997, he and his family adjusted to their new normal. Gradual changes became more prominent and challenges increased as the disease progressed.

Following a hospitalization for a stroke that resulted in long-term care placement in 2014, Auray and wife Martha reached out to Caldwell Hospice and Palliative Care, now AMOREM, for additional support.

He was able to return to their home with hospice services in April 2014. “It was so helpful to have another help regulate medications and answer questions,” recalled Martha. “The care the AMOREM team provided gave him a better quality of life.”

In fact, Auray’s condition stabilized to the point he no longer met hospice eligibility criteria. In September 2014 he was evaluated and chose to be admitted to AMOREM’s palliative medicine program.

Palliative medicine provided an extra layer of support that optimized quality of life, prevented frequent hospitalizations, and empowered the patient and family in managing this complex illness.

“By partnering with Auray’s Parkinson’s specialist, AMOREM helped reduce office visits. Since this specialist was in Chapel Hill—almost three hours away, this was definitely an asset,” said Martha.

When his condition began to make changes in April 2016, Auray was re-admitted to hospice services and peacefully passed surrounded by his family on April 25, 2016.

AMOREM provides care and support for Parkinson’s as well as other neurological diseases.